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Hemp Industry Makes Great Strides In CBD Research

Hemp and the products derived from it have been the center of controversy for years. Anti-hemp propaganda focuses on outdated information and scare tactics that often lump hemp in with its more potent cousin, marijuana. However, recent research is helping dispel incorrect assumptions made about the hemp plant, giving rise to a new industry with many potential benefits.

The Federal Food and Drug Administration (or FDA for short) cites a lack of available medical research as a reason for not approving CBD or any other cannabinoids for medical usage. A 2021 press release states, “The FDA will continue to facilitate the work of companies interested inappropriately bringing safe, effective, and quality products to market, including scientifically based research concerning the medicinal uses of cannabis.”

Meanwhile, current research across the globe has been making strides where hemp is concerned. A 2021 paper was published by Kaufman and their team of researchers covering the impact of long-term consumption of oral CBD on liver function in healthy adults. The basis of the study was to explore the premise set by earlier studies suggesting “that prescribed cannabidiol (CBD) products may cause elevations in liver tests”. 

1,475 participants enrolled in the survey and were instructed to use a CBD product of their choosing provided by 12 different CBD product brands, including products offered by CBD American Shaman, for a minimum of thirty days. Nearly half (49.7%) of the participants in the study used a tincture, while 22.1% used a pill/capsule, 13.9% used some sort of CBD edible of their choosing, 12.6% used a nanotechnology-treated product, and 1.7% used a CBD additive to place in food or drink.

At the end of the thirty days, the 839 participants, 65.3% female, and 34.7% male respectively, who completed the study then completed a liver test to determine the results. According to the paper, “blood draws were performed locally and serum was sent to one of two national laboratories, where LTs were performed.” The conclusion was groundbreaking in the world of cannabinoids. According to the findings, “Self-medication of CBD does not appear to be associated with an increased prevalence of LT elevation and most of the LT elevations are likely due to the conditions/medications for which the individuals are taking CBD.

Of course, this is a major step for the CBD community as a whole. For decades, hemp has been lumped in with marijuana during anti-cannabis campaigns. As a result, hemp and its many uses have largely been neglected by the scientific community until fairly recently. Studies such as the one published by Kaufman and their fellow researchers help dispel inaccurate information and promote the correct answers backed by scientific data. 

The study conducted by Kaufman isn’t the only enlightening scientific discovery surrounding CBD. In early 2021, a study published by the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University details how CBD has the potential to combat early onset familial Alzheimer’s. 

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, “Alzheimer’s disease accounts for 60-80% of dementia cases.” At the time of this writing, Alzheimer’s has no cure, and research is still ongoing to learn exactly how it impacts our brain and how it functions. Current research suggests that plague made up of protein deposits may be one of the leading causes in how Alzheimer’s begins.

The study conducted at the University of Augusta found that CBD improves cognition using its anti-inflammatory properties while also improving triggering receptors that are often damaged by plaque build-up caused by Alzheimer’s. Trial volunteers underwent a two week course of high dose CBD with positive results. 

Overall, the study was a resounding success, opening the door for more in-depth research. It was determined the next step would be to determine how long a treatment plan would need to be in order to be effective for long term results and how early on those with a predisposition to early onset familial Alzheimer’s would need to start taking CBD in order to help avoid damage to the receptors caused by the disease. 

Research such as these studies has been fueled by the legal hemp market. As consumer demand for hemp products grows, so does the need to understand how hemp and the individual cannabinoids found within it impact our daily lives. And with federal legalization, research teams have easier access to biomass than ever before. Even individual brands, such as CBD American Shaman, are active in promoting scientific research for the sake of consumer education.

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CBD isn’t the only cannabinoid seeing the advantages of research surrounding hemp in recent years. Cannabis research has also focused on minor cannabinoids such as CBDV and HHC, uncovering the individual properties and establishing how cannabinoids interact together and with our bodies. At the time of this writing, there are over a hundred known cannabinoids found in hemp and marijuana plants. 

While much of the current research taking place has been preliminary, many research teams are taking the answers we have and expanding on them. The scientific community has taken results from studies such as the two previously discussed and are using them as a foundation to discover how cannabinoids can be used to fight various forms of cancer, eczema, and many other ailments millions battle with every day. It is safe to say humanity has found a new weapon in the fight against the less kind parts of biology.

Every day, the hemp community is making strides in combating inaccurate propaganda and outdated information using facts provided by scientific research. With the legal market fueling current research, the information we know about hemp and the cannabinoids found within the plant is expanding every day.


Studies like those conducted by Kaufman and Augusta University are discovering new ways CBD and other cannabinoids can help us tackle issues facing many people around the world. With time, we will discover just how much this remarkable plant can benefit mankind.

CBD impacts each individual differently, starting with a lighter serving size is recommended. Consumers taking medication prescribed by a physician should consult with their doctor before trying CBD or any cannabinoids derived from hemp.